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Feb 27, 2017

Map Monday

Sunflower Sate
Capital: Topeka.  Area: 82,276 sq. mi.  Population: 1,905 299. 
Motto:  Ad Astra per Aspera, To the Stars Through Difficulties. 
Flower: Sunflower.  Bird: Western Meadowlark. 
Tree:  East Cottonwood.  Animal:  Buffalo. 
34th State admitted to the Union.

Feb 24, 2017


On the Ocean at 12th Street
Miami Bach, Florida
"The Skyscraper Hotel on the Ocean"
Fireproof - 115 Rooms Modern Hotel Embodying Every Guest Feature and Comfort - Private Beach Service - Television and Movies - Dancing - Dining Room - Solarium - Elevators - Air-Conditioned Rooms available.
Open All Year

Feb 23, 2017


View of Bald Mountain House from Parking ground,  Third Lake, P.O. Old Forge, N.Y.
Adirondack Mts.

Feb 22, 2017

Feb 20, 2017

Map Monday

Nickname - Volunteer State
State Capitol - Nashville
State Flower - Iris
1960 Population - 3,567,089
Area in Sq. Miles - 42,022
Entered the Union, June 1, 1796

Feb 17, 2017

Feb 16, 2017

Fabulous Florida Favorites

Louise's Restaurant
Jasper, Florida
On U.S. Hwys. 41 and 129
Featuring Kansas City Western Steaks, Sea-Food and Chicken.  Real home made pies.
Open 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Daily.
Dick and Edna Strickland, Owners-Managers.
Phone 303

Feb 15, 2017

Jewelry and Gifts

377 Fifth Ave.-at 35t St.-New York
MUrray Hill 6-4180
World's Finest Display of Hand Crafted Copper
"There is nothing like it anywhere" - New Yorker
"A fascinating shop" - Vogue

Feb 14, 2017

Transportation Tuesday

It's Great to be in Miami !


posted: February 18, 1952
All you brought Minnie & I  down here, Monday.
It is so hot writing this in Car.
Tell you all about it when I get home.

Feb 13, 2017

Map Monday

Visit Missouri,  "The Show Me" State
1-Lake Taneycomo, Southwest Missouri
2-Tri-State Mining District, Joplin
3-Big Spring, Van Buren
4-State Capitol, Jefferson City
5-MacArthur Bridge, St. Louis
6-Boyhood Home of Mark Twain, Hannibal
7-Pony Express Memorial, St. Joseph
8-Bagnell Dam, Lake of the Ozarks
Enjoy "The Family Vacation Lad"

Feb 11, 2017


Fabulous Florida Favorites



Feb 10, 2017

" Main Street U. S. A. "

1107 Connecticut Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Established 1858
Harvey's Famous Restaurant is a point of interest of the National Capital.  For over ninety-one years would-famous celebrities have visited its dining rooms to partake of its inimitable and far renowned culinary accomplishments.  No visit to Washington is complete without a meal at Harvey's
posted: Sept. 2, 1953
Dear Marge, First day, first meal, first Post Card, first menu! The menu alone was four pages - this doesn't include the wine list or the cocktail list.  It was one of the biggest problems of my life.  We started with burgundy ($1:00 a glass) - then Onion soup and for the entrĂ©e, a combination of crab meat and ham cooked in butter.  I finished with Cherries ice cream & rum. P.S. The Coffee was good too. Hungry?

Feb 9, 2017

Central City

Famous Central City Opera House,
Where the Renowned Play Festival is Held Each Year in July,
Central City, Colo.
Central City is one of Colorado's historically interesting old mining tows.  Surrounded by hills scarred with countless mines with old time streets lined with buildings of sixty years ago,  it is the Mecca of the summer visitors when the annual play festival is held each July in the noted old Opera House.

Feb 8, 2017


If you care to address this card to a friend or relative, adding any message you wish to send, simply give it to one of the ushers, and it will be stamped and mailed without charge.
posted: Dec. 8, 2:30am
3:30 pm Dec. 7, 1940 End of Act 1.
How I wish you were her enjoying tis with us! 
Arrived in he city about 10:30.  A few errands,
lunch, then here.  Lights going out !
Had to wait till after Act 2 to address this!

Feb 6, 2017

Map Monday

"Old Dominion"
Capital: Richmond, Area: 40,815 sq. mi.
Population: 3,966,949.  Motto:  Sic Semper Tyrannis. 
Thus Always to Tyrants. 
Flower: American Dogwood.  Bird: Cardinal.
Tree: American Dogwood. 
Tenth of the Original 13 States.

Feb 4, 2017

Fabulous Florida Favorites

"Classic Chrome"
Colorful flowers and lovely Girls greet you
at every turn, in Florida's Beautiful
Cypress Gardens.

Feb 3, 2017

Nempeya, Hopi

Pottery Maker

The Hopi Indians are descendants of the prehistoric people who occupied this region over 1000 years ago, and are considered the best of all Indian pottery makers.  They use the same designs: many of them symbolic, as their prehistoric ancestors.  The Hopi snake Dance, held each year in August, Is a weird and thrilling ceremony.

Feb 2, 2017

Fabulous Florida Favorites

Fabulous Florida's Cypress Gardens
The Esther Williams Swimming Pool was built in the shape of the map of Florida, projecting out in Lake Eloise, as asset for MGM technicolor movie filmed at Cypress Gardens.