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Aug 23, 2019

Aug 22, 2019

Century of Progress

Japan Tea Hall at A Century of Progress
Under Management of The Japan Central Tea Association
Tea Girls in Native Costumes

Aug 21, 2019

" A Bite to Eat "

Jimmy Moran
When in New Orleans make it a "MUST" 
to visit"Diamond Jimmy Moran's" 
as he has nothing to offer but "Food for Kings".  
Every lady a Queen that visits "Diamond Jimmy Moran's
Jimmy Moran's Restaurant
809 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, La.  
phone M.S.A. 9451 or CA. 7456


Aug 17, 2019


Ellis Tourist Court
U.S. Highway 31, Clanton, ALA.
"Best stop between Key West and the North Pole"

Aug 16, 2019

Aug 15, 2019


Entrance to Luna Park, 
Surf Avenue by Night,
Coney Island, N.Y.
is illuminated with 1,000,000 electric lights and is the most brilliantly lighted thoroughfare in the world.  It is crowded with merry-makers and revelers until midnight.   

Aug 14, 2019


35 Units
Air-Conditioned - Hot water heat
Combination Tile Baths and Showers
Fully carpeted floors - Beautyrest Mattresses
Large lobby and Office
South Main on U.S. 41 - Tel. 96
"Madisonville's finest"

Aug 13, 2019

Transportation Tuesday

Steamer Greater Detroit
D.& G. Navigation Co

The Steamer Greater Detroit and her sister ship Steamer Greater Buffalo, largest side wheel steamers in the world, provide daily over-night passenger and freight service between Detroit and Buffalo during the summer months.

Aug 12, 2019

" A Bite to Eat " ?

Dixon Cafeteria
8th. Ave. at 43rd St., N.Y.C.
Time Square's completely modern cafeteria, offering a carefully prepared choice selection of the finest food, as economically as quality permits.  Serving thousands of old and new friends daily.
Enjoy a leisurely meal and the finest liquors at our restaurant and cocktail lounge next door.

Aug 10, 2019

" Main Street U.S.A, "

Pikes Peak (Alt. 14,110 Ft.) from Pikes Peak Avenue, 
Colorado Springs.  (Alt. 6,072 Ft.) Colorado

Aug 9, 2019


Norton's Artesian Well
Tourist Court
U.S. Highway
160 & 17
Alamosa, Colorado
East side of Rio Grande River
Nicely furnished modern cabins including double or twin beds.  Either tub or shower.Beautiful view of snow capped Rockies and only a short drive to "Sand Dunes" National Monument.  Stop at the Big Artesian Well where the fish eat from your hands.  Real home hospitality.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Norton, Managing Owners

Aug 8, 2019


Windsor has a population of 102,000 and is the automobile center of Canada producing over 70 per cent of production.  It has the largest automobile plant in the British Empire.

Aug 7, 2019

" The Sunshine City "

Green Benches, Open Air Post Office and Princess Martha Hotel.
St. Petersburg, Florida. "The Sunshine City"

Aug 3, 2019

" A Bite to Eat "

Stagecoach Inn
One of Colorado's Internationally known Restaurants 
Located in Manitou Springs,
Colorado, at the very foot of Pikes Peak at the Gateway to historic Ute Pass and surrounded by the effervescent mineral springs famous since Indian Days, the unique Stage-coach Inn is justly noted for its fine foods. service and picturesque setting.

Aug 2, 2019

Aug 1, 2019

" A Bite to Eat "

Goldsmith's restaurant 
Memphis, Tennessee
features a private Men's Grill reserved for 
gentlemen only.