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I Love Zazzle

May 31, 2016

Transportation Tuesday

Streamlining through Florida
The Champions Atlantic Coast Line Railway's streamliners between New York and Florida.  Diesel powered.  Reserved, reclining seat coaches, Tavern-Lounge-Observation car,  Radio, Passenger Representative and attendants.

May 26, 2016

" Main Sreet U.S.A. "

Maxwell Street, Chicago
Ghetto Market,
East and West of Halsted St.
 A section given over to Russian Jews.  Merchandise stands are built in the street and here every conceivable article in every conceivable degree of wear is sold.  "Open on Sundays."

May 24, 2016

Trasportation Tuesday

Colorful Dining Room on North Western's New "400"
You will enjoy a "400" dinner in the delightful atmosphere of the richly appointed Dining Room on the new "400" Streamliner.

May 23, 2016

" Main Street, U.S.A. "

"O" Street, Looking West, Lincoln, Neb.
Lincoln Nebraska
Aug. 10, 1943
Pvt. A.J. Hicks 31160255
Dear Mom &Dad,
I thought that I would send a few picture post cards to show you something of Lincoln.  It is a vey nice town & most of the people are very nice.

May 21, 2016


The Alamo by night, San Antonio, Texas
 The sacred Alamo stands within the very heart of the business district of the city of San Antonio.  It was erected in 1718 by the Franciscan Monks and was originally the Chapel of the Mission of San Antonio de Valera.  It was within the gray stone walls of the quaint old Chapel, March 6, 1836, that Travis, Barrett, Bowie, Crockett and 182 unsung heroes gave their lives in defense of Texas liberty.

posted: Jan. 3, 1952
to: Cpl. Sheldon C. Piper
Francis Warrin A.F.B.
Cheyenne, Wyoming

I miss you,
What did you do Christmas Day,
 (Tengo Muchos Tamales Vente.)
(I had too many Tamales)
C.G. Perez

May 17, 2016

Transportation Tuesday

"The Orange Blossom Special"
of the Seaboard Railway provide the only Diesel electric Pullman
service between eastern cities and east and west coast Florida.
posted: Dec. 13, 1948

Received the two boxes of Christmas cards
from Aunt Gertrude but she did not say
what the cost was and I forgot myself. 
Please let me know so I can send the money to you. 
Love from aunt Mary

May 16, 2016

National Post Card Week

Jacqueline Krch has sent the next two
Cards from Syracuse, New York
 Handmade Card by Jacqueline

A bonus Card of Syracuse sent from Jacqueline

This next Card was sent from
Jennifer Mann in San Antonio, Texas

Card below is from the Taconic Postcard Club
Yorktown, New York

Another Lighthouse in the series
from Earl Bucken in St Augustine, Florida
Orient Point Lighthouse
Long Island, NY

This Post Card was made and sent by
Sherry Grizzle in Cartersville, Georgia.
Bartow County Courthouse

retirement (n) sent by
Jo Ellen Nuftal in Indianapolis, Indiana

White faced Monkey sent by my Niece Holly's family
all the way from their Holiday in Costa Rica

The Wilmington Card and two bonus from Hawaii
came from Janie E. Monroe in Wilmington, North Carolina

Two Bonus Cards  of Hawaii below are from Janie

May 14, 2016

National Podt Card Week

The first four Cards today are sent by
Peter Meggison, Massachusetts





May 12, 2016

National Post Card Week

The next five Post Cards come from
Demaris Swint in Alamo, Texas

This next Card is from
Hal Ottaway in Wichita, Kansas.

Card below is from the Wichita Post Card Club
Wichita, Kansas

The final Card today is from
Pete Klinger in Belgium, Wisconsin
original chalk drawing, 1956