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I Love Zazzle

Feb 25, 2018


The Delano
Hotel and Cabana Club
Miami Beach
on the Ocean
Just North of Lincoln Road

Feb 17, 2018

Feb 16, 2018

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge Entrance Building.  Showing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Background.

Feb 15, 2018

Old Wyoming

"Way out West in Old Wyoming
Across the Hills and Prairies

Feb 14, 2018


The Observatory at Birthplace of Maria Mitchell, Nantucket, Mass.

Feb 11, 2018

Feb 6, 2018

Washington Square

The Washington Arch of the beginning of Fifth Avenue serves as the source of most of New York's formal parades, and here frames the Empire State Building, another landmark on the longest avenue in the world.

Feb 5, 2018


The Watchman, Zion National Park
The Three Patriarchs, Zion

Feb 4, 2018

" Switch Back "

The "Switch Back", Mt Carmel Highway, Zion National Park, Utah

Mountain of Mystery, Zion National Park

Angels Landing, Zion National Park

Feb 3, 2018

Zion National Park, Utah

Cable Mountain, The Great Organ,  Great White Throne, Zion National Park, Utah
El Gobernador "The Great White Throne"

Feb 2, 2018

On to Zion

Gallery on Mount Carmel Highway, Zion National Park, Utah

East entrance to Zion National Park

Feb 1, 2018

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Temple of Osiris, Bryce Canyon
Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon
Leaving Bryce we will be entering Zion National Park.