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I Love Zazzle

Jun 30, 2014


Granted to William Penn by King Charles II in 1681.
Area 45,126 square miles; population 9,631,350. 
First settlers were Dutch and Swedes, then English,
Quakers, Scotch, Irish, German and French.
There are sixty-seven counties and one Indian Reservation.

Jun 26, 2014

Sepia Saturday

This is my contribution to this weeks Sepia Saturday Theme.
This is a black and white photograph taken by my 
older brother Jerry sometime in the mid to late 50's. 
It comes from a Hopkins Family Reunion.
  I was in attendance but do not remember this moment.
I think it most likely is a state park in Texas 
maybe Lake Bonham State Park.  
These are some of the Hopkins Girls "chillin" 
on a hot August afternoon.
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CLASSIC CHROME clewiston inn

From time to time I pick up a few non-linen cards for my collection.  
 These are my CLASSIC CHROME cards.

The Clewiston Inn,  Clewiston, Florida
This little Jewel is an Old Florida Treasure.
The Nature Mural in the Longue.
 The Inn’s Everglades Lounge is famous for its impressive 360-degree mural featuring the flora and fauna of the Florida Everglades. It was painted by the world-renowned artist J. Clinton Shepherd in the early 1940s. Shepherd, who spent many months at the Inn, majestically transferred to oil and canvas the beauty of the ‘glades. 
Reprinted from:
 The Clewiston Inn History
If you ever can.  See the Mural.  It is amazing.

Jun 25, 2014


Eagle Hotel
Concord, N. H.
Posted Jul. 11, 1947
Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 

Thanks for writing in my little book.  I just came home.
Mrs. E.H. Curnan
Saratoga Sprs., N.Y.

Jun 24, 2014

Transportation Tuesday

Bidding "Bon Voyage" From the Causeway, Miami, Fla.
World Tour Steamer going out Ship Channel

Posted March 2, 1938
Miami Florida 

Dear Nett- 
I am so sorry you have been so sick.  It would do you a world of good in this Sun.   What a shocking thing about Dr. Collins.  I sent your lettler on to Dad.  He has been well until this last letter but has been home with a cold and fever.  He should be here by now.  Maybe now he will come.  My love and thanks for your letter.

Jun 23, 2014


Greetings from
"The Minnesota Arrowhead Country"
Posted August 25, 1942
Rochester, Minn.

Fri. 9:00
Dear Elizabeth,
I hope you got my cards okay.  We started for home at 9:00 this morning.  We are staying at a cabin at Canon Falls Minn.  Swell cabin with shower.  Hope to see you about Sunday afternoon  or Eve.  some time.  Sure caught a lot of fish & had a swell time, but vacation not very long to suit me.  See you soon. 
Norma Jean

Jun 20, 2014


Old Spinning Wheel
421 East Ogden Avenue
Hinsdale, Illinois
Spinning Wheel and old rail fence
Cabin in the Trees
Food to charm an epicure
In his life of ease.

Jun 19, 2014


Century of Progress
International Exposition

World's Tallest Thermometer
Twenty-one stories (218ft.) high.  Shows temperature by neon light tubes.  Sponsored by Indian Refining Company, Lawrenceville, Ill., makers of Waxfree Havoline Motor Oil - best for all cars, winter or summer, because it contains no wax.  Wax turns candle-hard with cold, water-thin with heat.  Keep wax out of your motor Waxfree Havoline Motor Oil is sold at all Texaco Stations. 

Jun 17, 2014

Transportation Tuesday

The "General" Made Famous by Andrews' Raiders
Now on Exhibition at Union Depot - Chattanooga, Tennessee

The story of the General
In the National Cemetery are buried James J. Andrews and his companions, who captured an Engine at Big Shanty on the Western & Atlantic Railway in an attempt to burn bridges and cut the Confederate Army from its base of supplies.  They were overtaken; eight were executed as spies, six were paroled and eight escaped from prison.  The famous engine "General" which was captured is kept as a Memorial in the Union Station at Chattanooga. A tablet tells the story of the raid.

Jun 16, 2014


The United States
as seen through the eyes of
Posted: July 19, 1953
Barstow, California

Down here to enjoy the weather and see the folks.  
It's really hot and hasn't rained in a long time.  
We flew from Ashville to Dallas, spent a day in 
Dallas - too hot there to do anything.
Mary F & Charlie

Jun 15, 2014

' Sunday Funnies '

Chicago Comics
* * * * * *

" Make 'em Laugh "

A Salute to the 
John Ringling
First Day of Issue
posted Delavan, Wisconsin
May 2, 1966
* * * * * *
Click CIRCUS in the labels column to the right for 
" The Greatest Show on Earth "
* * * * * *
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Jun 13, 2014

Star Spangled Banner

Remember to Celebrate 
June 14th. is Flag Day
Original Star Spangled Banner, 
U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institution

- Visit -

= On the Right Track =

On the right track
Loch Sheldrake N.Y.
Loch Sheldrake is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.
 I thought the back of the card was great.
Cool Logo for Artino

The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City shares a bit of info on Artino

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The University was founded originally in 1749.  In the year 1776 its name changed to Liberty Hall Academy, and in 1798 it was formally adopted and endowed by George Washington, and by him authorized to bear his name as his gift to the new republic.  At the close of the Civil War, the presidency of this institution was offered to Robert E. Lee.  He served until his death in 1870, and subsequently the name was changed to Washington and Lee University.  In the chapel in these grounds General Lee's remains and those of his family have been placed.

Jun 10, 2014

Jenny & Little Jack

I thought this was so cute.  I had to have it.
I featured lots of Airplanes on my Sunday Post.
So today, "Transportation Tuesday" I thought I could 
give you a smile with this little appreciated mode of transportation.

Jun 8, 2014


It's already that time of the year again.
Here in South Florida the Royal Poinciana trees 
are coming into full bloom.   
They are magnificent and so full of blooms this year it is awesome.  

Went for a stroll with Pebbles and Milo this morning 
(Mans best friends).   
Saw the trees and had to rush home to get the camera.  

Had to make a few snaps to show you 
just how beautiful the Poincianas are.

Get ready it is going to be a wonderful Summer.

' Sunday Funnies '

Chicago Comics
* * * * * *

Jun 7, 2014

* Sunday Stamps *

The theme this week is Airplanes on stamps.  So my first thought was Air Mail.  I can do that.  Beginning with a stamp commemorating the Wright Brothers, Wilbur & Orville's First Controlled and sustained powered flight by man.  
Flight took place December 17, 1903.

First Day of Issue
Dec 17, 1949
Posted Kitty Hawk, N.C.
6 cent AIR MAIL
                                      * * * * * *

 Next is a First Day Cover with a 5 cent AIR MAIL stamp.
First Day of Issue, September 25, 1946
Posted Washington D.C.
 * * * * * *

And now an 8 cent AIR MAIL stamp cover.
Send it by Air

This cover is commemorating the 
New England Air Mail Week
July 1 to July 6, 1946

Posted July 6, 1946
Southwest Harbor, Maine
Stamp was first issued
 March 21, 1944
* * * * * *
Just one more stamp this week.
It is on a Maxi card from 1989
A 25 cent stamp commemorating the 
20th Universal Postal Congress
 First Day of Issue
November 19, 1989
Posted: Washington, DC

The Curtiss Jenny biplane pioneered airmail transport.  
On May 15, 1918, the first regular airmail service 
in the United States was begun between 
New York and Washington, DC.  
This stamp was designed by Mark Hess.

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