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Aug 29, 2012


As Isaac is pounding away at New Orleans, "Wish them all the best." 
Now lets see a few Post Cards of brighter days in the Big Easy.

I remember having a "Hurricane" cocktail in on of the bars on Burbon street.

"Look out for those beads!"

Aug 28, 2012

Dear Momma,

This card is fascinating.  I think it is a work of art.  Mildred turned the post card upside down to write her letter.
How she ever wrote so small is a mystery to me.
Thought you might enjoy her story.
It starts on the back side with...
New Year's Night, 1954
Dear Momma,
I believe that if I could go to the post office and get cards, I wold have some. But I hate to get them from the mailman and forget to do so. Your letter came Monday. We had gone to call on our neighbors, the Davises, down the road. This has been a very disturbing week with callers, and calling some chicken buyers. A man wanted to buy all our culls but hasn't come for them yet. Ralph has sold six fat hens individually from $1.80 to $2.24 each. He has a sign on the lawn. Papa's socks were not very dressy can't he wear them every day when it is warm enough? The frost just nips things a little. Of course, we cover the beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. He sprinkles the banana trees before sunrise. Can you notice the days are a little longer? You don't need to look again, but do I have a tablecloth. There was none in the house. We used a little square lunch cloth that was here. Our table top is about 55 by 31 inches, so is too crowded to show my doilies. Last Sunday Evanses went to the Lutheran Church with us. We had a grand service and the decorations were beautiful. Mrs. Black would have taken us to a watch party at the Christian Church but we did not go. Today we heard some of the Rose Bowl Game and some of the Tangerine Bowl game here in Orlando. I don't believe I told you we got a package from Harolds, a nice pair of stockings for me and two pairs of embroidered socks for Ralph. They are very nice. That day we went shopping we had bought a billfold for Ralph for his birthday and a pair of stockings for mine. So mom I will have stockings to last me a long time. Saturday - We washed. It is getting cloudy and warmer. 77* expected. Ralph has some sore throat. The man is here for chickens. Will be hearing from you.
Mildred and Ralph
The man did not want the hens which Ralph wanted to sell.

Aug 27, 2012


I have a collection of Greyhound Bus Stations.

Please see my Discussion at for the other stations in my collection.
 TERMINAL..but not the end of the line


ISAAC has passed but we are having the worst weather yet the morning.  High winds and heavy rain.  Lots of broken branches with small trees and plants blown over.  Hope these outer bands pass quickly.  I think it will go on into the late evening.  Many power outages, thank goodness I still have electricity.

Aug 26, 2012


In the 40s and 50s Mayflower Donuts were hot.  They had locations in Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, East Orange, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New Rochell, New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, Rochester, San Francisco, Washington, White Plains, & Worcester.
I fell in love with the Maxfield Parrish Logo and the Optimists Creed when I came across my first Mayflower Donut Post Card.

My first Mayflower card

NYWF exhibit

"As you ramble on thru Life, Brother, Whatever be your Goal, keep your eye upon the Donut and not upon the hole!"

ISAAC passed

Happy to say the storm passed us by.  Hope the gulf will be as lucky .  We just had plenty nasty weather.  Lots of gushing rain and some wind gusts.  I didn't have any damage, knock on wood.

Aug 25, 2012



If you need a little more time to relax and enjoy your Summer Vacation check out this Discussion I started at  Click Link below.


The twin shafts of the Cathedral Rocks, 2,154 feet high, form the right side of the magnificent gateway to the Yosemite Valley, Close by, the Bridal Veil Fall spills over the crags in a lacy pattern to empty into the Merced River below, El Capitan on the left is the largest monolith of exposed granite in the world, towering 3,604 feet above the floor of the valley. In volume El Capitan equals four Gibraltars and in height, three Empire State Buildings.


 In appearance is a remnant of a huge rock sphere, one half of which has suddenly been engulfed.  Cut down a sheer 2,000 feet and noticeably concave, this massive rock rises 4,941 feet above the floor of the valley which is 4,000 feet above the sea level.

The greatest cataract of the Sierras is Yosemite Falls. This vast volume of white water plunges 2,600 feet--a half mile . The first fall is 1,600 feet, a sheer descent then comes a series of cascades, partly hidden 600 feet downward, and a final leap straight down of 400 feet The stream is about 35 feet wide top of the falls, and the roar of its waters are heard all over the valley.

Each night during the summer season, for the pleasure of their guests and all visitors to Yosemite, the management of Camp Curry have established a gorgeous spectacular custom.  A huge bonfire is built on Glacier Point 3,200 fee directly above the Camp.  At the conclusion of the nightly camp fire entertainment the burning embers are pushed from the point above, and this cataract of fire and sparks makes a sheer drop of over 2,000 feet before striking any obstacles, a sight long to be remembered
 Hope you enjoyed your visit to Yosemite and had a moment to relax.

Certainly not a Beach Day today

Tropical Storm Isaac Current Status
The spiraling bands of a tropical system are filled with water picked up from the warm tropical oceans of its origins. Isaac, exiting Haiti`s South Coast for northern Cuba today and tonight will enter the Florida Straits, passing directly overhead the Florida Keys on Sunday. After that, Isaac will parallel the Florida West Coast, eventually heading for a collision course with Florida`s western panhandle by the middle of next week.

Aug 23, 2012

Your Post Card from FLORIDA

I will be sending you a POST CARD from FLORIDA now and again.
Enjoy the Beauties.

News: We are watching a tropical depression and hoping it does not turn into a Hurricane.  Wish us good luck and hope it goes the other way.

Tropical Storm Isaac is continuing its push across the north-central Caribbean and is heading for Hispaniola on Friday. It will potentially target South Florida and possibly move into the Gulf of Mexico early next week as the Atlantic`s fourth hurricane.


                        Please be sure to watch the video
                       I made with my '39 Fair post cards

                                      TRYLON AND PERISPHERE
                                               THEME CENTER

Aug 22, 2012

Special L L cards

I think these LARGE LETTER cards are very special what do you think?

The REDWOODS are incredible to visit.  Love the bark on the letters

Well what can be said about NIAGARA FALLS.  Don't get too close to the edge.

Soon as I saw postcardy's I had to have it.  It appeared as if by magic.

It is like mixing a comic with a LARGE LETTER

The '39 Worlds Fair is one of my favorite collections.

These last few are a little different and I thought showed some class.

I just thought this one was fantastic.


Aug 21, 2012

L L Linens, let us see yours.

Below is a Link to the discussion I started at  Stop by   and check it out.  You might see Greetings from your own Hometown.  And if you don't.  Be sure to add it yourself.



Yes I think this is my favorite of all.  ROSWELL, New Mexico.  Mainly because of the history of ROSWELL and the aliens landing.  I was fortunate enough to visit and see the museum connected to the story.  Something happened there.  I think it might have been aliens from Outer Space.

LARGE LETTER Linen Post Cards

I live in FLORIDA so I think I will post a few favorites

I lived in Miami for many years

Then relocated just up the road a bit to Ft. Lauderdale.