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I Love Zazzle

Aug 28, 2015

VACANCY & " A Bite to Eat "

Dixie Motor Court and Restaurant
U.S. 301, Fla. 200 - Starke, Fla.

Phones: 52-W & 915
19 Rooms - 12 De Luxe Units with Tile Tub and Showers - Hot Water Heat - Carpet Floors - T.V. in Rooms

Aug 27, 2015

Lido Beach

Casino and Pool,
Sarasota, Fla.
is Sarasota's newest attraction for residents and tourists and located right on the Gulf of Mexico.
posted: Dec., 1949
Palmetto, Fla.
To: Omer Snyder
Delausen, N.Y.
Hi folks why in heck don't you hurry on down we miss you so much.  The weather has been pretty cool.  Only been fishing once got 30 sand perch. Old gang about all here except Omer & Elsa.  Please come on down, do write. I will write letter if I find you haven't started.
Love Eva & Frank

Aug 26, 2015


Tallahassee Auto Court in the Capitol City of Florida
Rock Brick and Stucco Cottages
42 with Private Bath
On U.S. 90 and 27.  3 Blocks from U.S. 19.
One Mile west of the business section.  A pretty Lake,
plenty of shade, a beautiful lawn.  Cottages cool in
summer - heated in winter.  No mosquitoes.
Catering to Travelers Only

Aug 25, 2015

Transportation Tuesday

Buick- 1908, the Henry Ford
Museum and Greenfield Village,
Dearborn, Michigan
This sturdy five - passenger Buick Model "F"
sold for $1,250.00 in 1908.  The name of Buick
is one of the few that survived in a field
of more than 2,500 makes during the period
the automotive Industry went through its "growing pains." 
This 20 horsepower Buick was produced in the
fifth year of the company's operation.

Aug 22, 2015

" A Bite to Eat "

The World's Best Apple Pie
Johnston's Coffee Shop
Palmetto and Magnolia
Daytona Beach, Fla.

Aug 19, 2015


West Palm Beach, Florida

A Collier-Florida Coast Hotel
This Hotel is of most modern construction. 
It is conveniently located and fully equipped
for comfort and happiness.  Garage service
posted: March, 1939
West Palm Beach, Fla.
To: Mildred Taylor
1st. National Bank Bldg.
Hey there!
I'll be home Tuesday

Aug 18, 2015

Transportation Tuesday

President Roosevelt's Ford Convertible
at Entrance, Little White House,
Warm Springs, Ga.
The Ford Convertible used by President Roosevelt
at Warm Springs, Georgia normally stood in readiness
at the entrance of the Little White House.

Aug 15, 2015

Aug 14, 2015


Growers Cooperative,
Waverly, Florida
Midway between Beautiful Cypress Gardens and
World Famous Bok Singing Tower
Visitors are Welcomed
Interesting and educational


Aug 13, 2015


Alpena, Michigan.
Finest in the Midwest
Steam Heat - Private Bath - On U.S. 23 -
C.L. Thomas. Prop.
Located at south city limits in the heart of an extensive vacationing area, on beautiful Thunder Bay, and Scenic Huron Shore Highway (U.S. 23)  Close to bathing beach and all outdoor sports.  Steam heat - Private baths - sound proofed - insulated - free garages - attractive central lobby for convenience of guests - grounds patrolled at all hours.  Moderate rates.  Phone 939-J

Aug 11, 2015

Transportation Tuesday



Aug 10, 2015


Recommended by
Duncan Hines
320 Belvedere Road On U.S. 1
West Palm Beach, Florida
Every room with tiled Bath, Heat, Telephone . . .
Convenient to Beach and all activities.
Moderate Rates - Opposite Howard Johnson's Restaurant
posted: Aug. 1947
West Palm Beach, Fla.
To: Dorothy Stanley
Portland, Maine
Thurs. Eve.
We went to Miami, & Miami Beach today.  It poured rain so we couldn't take a boat trip we had planned.  Everything is so interesting! Daddy had to have some work done on the car so we went in Smith's car.  Got ours back late this p.m. & on the way here it poured some more - worse than ever!  We ae staying here tonite & go to St. Pete tomorrow.
Love, Mom & Dad

Aug 8, 2015

Fabulous Florida Favorites

Picking Oranges in Florida,

Witten but not posted
Tues. night
Dear Mabel
I received your note, Thanks.   think these gals are just up here
to have their picture taken.   The men are workers who really
pick fruit.  Have a short bag tied around their waists.  After the Xmas rush of mail gets over Chas. will send you a box of shells. We think your pupils at school might enjoy them.  Mrs. Boother asked us to send her some.

Aug 7, 2015


When in Miami stop at the HOTEL LEAMINGTON
"In the Heart of Miami"
Biscayne Boulevard and N.E. First St.
Opposite Union-Greyhound Bus Station
Overlooking Park and Biscayne Bay
Reasonable Rates

Aug 6, 2015


Sulpher Springs
210 Feet High,
Tampa, Fla.

This imposing structure is one of Florida's best land and aerial marks,  the top of which has a tank holding 136,000 gallons of pure water, supplied by spring in base of tower.

posted: Mar., 1947
Tampa, Fla.

To: Gladys Bamburger
Wilmington, Del.

Dear Gladys & Mable
How are you two coming along & how
is the weather up there its been a bad winter
down here worst in 30 years.  We hope to be starting home
soon now, will be glad to get back
Regards to Pop & You,

Aug 5, 2015


K.C. Byers - - My Handy
February 1949
Owners Mr. & Mrs. Keith Dillon

Family Race Winner
"North American
West Flagler Kennel Club - Mar., 27, 1951 - Miami

Aug 4, 2015

Transportation Tuesday

President Franklin D. Roosevelt
at the Little White House
Warm Springs, Georgia
Seated in his specially - equipped automobile
before the entrance of the Little White House,

Aug 3, 2015

Higher Learning

Main Entrance and administration Building,
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Fla.

Aug 1, 2015

" A Bite to Eat "

Christy's Restaurant
U.S. 1 - 202 - 322
P.O. Glen Mills, PA.
Famous for Really Fine Food

One of the most beautiful restaurants on U.S. No. 1
Serving daily lunches, dinners, a la carte, soda fountain
service.  Choice wines and liquors.  Really a place for a mother, wife, sister or sweetheart.  Once you stop at this magnificent place it will always remain in your memory
Under same management since 1929