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I Love Zazzle

I Love Zazzle

May 30, 2015


The Hotel Fort Gatlin
Orlando, Florida

150 Rooms, Elegantly Furnished - with Bath
Moderate Rates - - Free Parking
Orlando, Florida

May 28, 2015


"Orlando's Largest and Finest"
"Hospitality in the City Beautiful"
Symbolizing all that is most courteous,
most accommodating and most desirable in a
city hostelry, the San Juan stands in the
very heart of Orlando, Florida, 
"The City Beautiful," just as Orlando stands in the
very heart of the most beautiful part of the
"Playground of America."

May 25, 2015

- Map Monday -


May 22, 2015


Mountain Lake Sanctuary,
Lake Wales, Fla.
The Finest Hotel nearest the Singing Tower
When visiting the Singing Tower
and Mountain Lake Sanctuary
stop at the Walesbilt Hotel
Lake Wales, Florida
Modern - Fireproof - Reasonable Rates

May 21, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

This is my Tenth Anniversary contribution for
National Post Card Week
The background is a Tichnor Image
The Beauty is a Curt Teich Image.

May 20, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

The South Jersey Postcard Club
Members names scrambled in the word cloud.
WESTPORT, Massachusetts
Comes from Peter Meggison
of Westport, Massachusetts

Roller Coaster,
Seaside Heights, N.J.
by Bob Moncur
Piscataway, N.J.

May 19, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

Donald R. Brown Founder
Myerstown, PA

Events One Century Ago
Donald R. Brown

Tomball Postcard Club
Magnolia, TX
Postcards In The Attic
Colleen Cornelius
Palm Springs, CA
Franklin College
by Marti Schrock
Frankin, IN

May 18, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

Jack and Marjorie Lamprecht
of Highland Heights, Ohio
70 year of adventure

The thirteen-lined ground squirrel.
They burrow in prairies and fields.
car comes from Pete Klinger
Belgium, WI
The Human Fly climbs Birmingham, AL in 1917
card comes from J.D. Weeks of Gardendale, AL

Hoover Alabama Historical Society
Comes from Carolyn Kolar, Birmingham, AL
dittofalls postcards
comes from Michael Smith of the
Tennessee Valley Postcard Club, Huntsville, AL
Lacey Springs, AL

May 17, 2015

Natioal Post Card Week 2015 in review

 I always enjoy receiving cards from H.B. Country
The Vintage Postage on these cards is always a pleasure to see.
Thanks H.B.
This card is special to me.
I have passed through Williams a couple of times
on my way to the Grand Canyon. 
Jack I always love you U.S. 66 cards.
This card is from Jack Mount of
Tucson, AZ
Great Card from Aimee Dars Ellis of
Ithaca, N.Y.
Holy Alligator!
This looks like Florida in the snow.
Card from Tamara Lewis of
Astoria, OR
Latimer Reef Lighthouse
This is #12 in a series of Lighthouses by
Earl Bucken of
St. Augustine, FL
Huntsville State Park, TX
by Susan Nichols
Huntsville, TX
"Susan I picked up a couple of these unmarked
cards at club meeting this month. 
I thought they were pretty cool also."

Summertime Fun
Laurie, Chris, Kim on Pinky
Card came from Chris Carney of
Kamloops BC, Canada
Tellus Science Museum
Cartersville, GA
Card came from Sherry Grizzle of
Cartersville, GA

May 16, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

 Blue Hen Chicken
Delaware State Bird

Blue Bird Missouri State Bird
 Ring Necked Pheasant
South Dakota State Bird
3 cards above from
Kelly Glazner
Lancaster, CA
 Color of Fall
 Color of Summer
2 cards above from
Gabrielle Bares
Gulfport, Mississippi
 Smokey Bear's 50th Anniversary
from James & Nelda Harris
San Diego, CA
Dolores & Leon Rowe
48 Years
"I got you Babe"
Kennett Square, PA

May 15, 2015

National Post Card Week 2015 in review

 Mary Ellen Bertram
Belleville, Illinois
 Brenda Perez
 Bobbi Mastrangelo, American Artist
Poinciana, Florida
 American Robin
Dale R. Johnson
Parma, Ohio
 Let's Fly Away
Claude Brassard
Quebec QC Canada
 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Licking River
Black Hand Gorge State Nature Preserve
2 cards above by
Betty Kacirek
Parma, Ohio