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I Love Zazzle

I Love Zazzle

Jun 22, 2016

" Fabulous Florida Favorites "

" A Bite t Eat "
Old Heidelberg
151 S.E. 2nd St.
Miami, Florida

Old Heidelberg is nationally famed for its mellow drinking as well as for the excellence of its German cuisine.  The rare, quiet beauty of true German atmosphere reflected by imported novelties, signboards, and attendants, sing out the song of yester-years.  A most delightful place to dine.
H.B. Juergens, Prop.

1 comment:

  1. I have 2 different cards from this restaurant. Both include the image with the checked tablecloths. However, during the 1940s there was no German language or reference. The sign said "God Bless America, and the restaurant name was Old Castle Inn.


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