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Jan 19, 2017


Horse Cave, Kentucky

Jan 18, 2017

" A Bite to Eat "

Pieroni's Sea Grill,
601 Washington St.,
Boston, Mass.
Other Grills at 13 Stuart St. and Hotel Pieroni
7-8 Park Square, Boston

In the heart of the shopping an theatre district
invites you to dine when in Boston, 
Est. 1895

Jan 17, 2017

Transportation Tuesday

South Station
Boston, Mass.

Located in Dewey Square - the gateway to the south and west.  More passengers enter and leave Boston's South Station in the course of a year than use any other similar railroad station in the world.

Jan 16, 2017

Jan 12, 2017



Jan 11, 2017

" Main Street U.S.A. "

Orange Ave.  Looking North, Orlando, Fla. "The City Beautiful"

Jan 9, 2017

" A Bite to Eat "

The Boston Oyster House

Chicago's Historic Restaurant
In the Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel
The Hotel of Perfect Service
Madison at Clark, Chicago
Rooms with bath  and servidor
Persona Management of Harry C. Moir

Jan 6, 2017

The Coal Miner

by Vachel Davis
Nationally famed coal miner artist and acclaimed by critics as the best know painting of a coal miner by a coal miner in the United States.  Original permanently hangs in Illinois State Capitol building, Springfield and is dedicated to all coal miners.

Jan 5, 2017

" A Bite to Eat "


Congress Hotel & annex, Chicago
posted: Oct 24,1921
Dear Bill,
Fred bought me a lunch at the Congress. 
Some class.


Jan 4, 2017

Great Lakes Exposition

Court of Presidents Looking Towards Lake Erie,
Cleveland, Ohio

Every day is a busy day at the Great Lakes Exposition, and an idea of the large daily attendance may be gathered from the photograph showing the crowds at the end of the court of the Court of the Presidents which opens onto the entrance of the compact grounds of the Exposition.  From this point the Exposition extends onto 150 acres of fringing the cool shores of Lake Erie.  The Court of the Presidents pays homage to the Presidents of the United States who were born in, came from or were residents of the Great Lakes States.

Aug. 4, 1937

Hello Arthur, How are you? Warm & Grand meeting each other in a foreign country.  We just had a grand time all the way home.  Hope we can get to see you soon.  Regards.
Mr. & Mrs. George Marick

Jan 3, 2017

" A Bite to Eat "

Restaurant Gastis,
3259-61 N Clark St.,
Chicago, Ill.
Nationally Famous for its Smorgasbord.
Maintaining the fines Swedish traditions
in atmosphere and cooking 
One of Chicago's Show Spots, located
in the heart of the Swedish Colony.

Jan 2, 2017

" A Bite to Eat "

Empire Room,
Rice Hotel, Houston Texas

The luxurious Empire Room of the Rice Hotel is the South's finest dine and dance rendezvous featuring America's outstanding dance orchestras and excellent cuisine.

Jan 1, 2017


Shartlesville, Pa.
Modern Rooms
Sunday Dinners
Chicken, am and Beef Dinners Pa. Dutch Style
Dining Room open daily 1-7
Phone 8R31 - Bernville
" A Bite to Eat "