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I Love Zazzle

Oct 24, 2015

Chicken in the Rough

A $100.00 cash prize will be awarded to the first person who eats Chicken In The Rough in as many as 25 places listed on our Place Mat or Picnic Box over a period of six months, beginning January 1 ad July 1 and July 1 to January 1.  Mail one of the post cards. which may be obtained from the cashier, to the home office, Beverly's Chicken In The Rough, 209 West Grand, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Each post card mailed must be signed by the owner or manager of each restaurant and Beverly Osborne reserves the right to be the sole judge in issuance of this award.
We ate at _______________
City _________ State _____
Card dated: Aug 1, 1954

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