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I Love Zazzle

Feb 23, 2016

= Transportation Tuesday =

Bonneville Salt Flats - World's Fastest Speedway - Near Great Salt Lake, Utah
Located at he western edge of the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah.  On this great natural speedway, formed b 100 square miles of level salt, automobiles have attained speeds I excess of 300 miles per hour.

A Giant Racer making a World's Record
Here on September 15, 1938, John Cobb established a record of 350.07 miles per hour.  The next day Captain G.E.T. Eyston set a world's record of 357.50 miles per hour.  Aug. 2, 1939, John Cobb again became the world's automobile speed king by driving his car 368.74 miles per hour.

Salt Lake City
June 18 1954
Hi Folks -
Made it to Salt Lake City OK.
Beautiful country here.
Will be in Wyoming tomorrow.

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  1. I have the first card with the bag of salt attached. It is interesting to me all the different variations of postcards out there!


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