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I Love Zazzle

I Love Zazzle

Nov 23, 2016


It's five O'clock - Where's Everybody?
At the FIVEO'CLOCK CLUB of course!
Drinks on the House at 5 O'clock
Dining  and Dancing

Talk about your Gold Rush,
And the boom of twenty-fie
And the horde of bargain hunters,
Like bees around the around the hive.


Yo ain't seen nothin' brother,
Unless at five you've watched,
The lads and gals a heading,
Together or unattached.

Blondes, brunettes an redheads,
To the Five O'clock Club they come,
Tall men, short men, fat men, too.
See how they run.

Bothers Barken
Had my favorite cocktail
on the House Staying for dinner. 
Wish you were here.

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